Tips : Wallet connection on iOS

Saturday, December 23, 2023

For IOS and stuff I've found myself that the message pairing successful doesn't appear if I don't do it in order:

Step 1: Disconnect all Wallets in "WalletConnect connection" in the ternoa app AND ESPECIALLY go back to the "Wallet" tab ( <== Very important)

Step 2: Kill the Mafiafoot app process before opening it.

Step 3: Open the Mafiafoot WPA and login ==> it opens ternoa and proposes pairing. Wait 2-3 seconds for successful pairing.

If pairing is not successful or the game tells you no Whitelist ==> start again from step 1.

I also recommend installing PWA on Chrome, and once the WPA is done, I close the browser's mafiafoot window to avoid duplicates.

Video to connect on iOS :