create your story
build the legend

develop your

Start with a virtually untouched island, build and develop buildings to forge your club's reputation. There are 2 types of building to choose from:


5 buildings dedicated 

to cards evolutions


7 buildings dedicated
to generate revenues

Each building has its own range of
levels, each with its own specific

Progression from one level to the next
depends on various criteria

  • previous level of the same building
  • level of other buildings
  • $MFF locked
  • number of matches played
  • number of victories in 1V1 matches or
Schema level up building



players available in the mafiaverse

players buildings

Youth training center

Generate young talent every season, with high potential but low stats. Use these cards by developing or selling them.

training center

The Training Center improves players' technical skills every season

One or more players simultaneously, one skill at a time.

Players are blocked during training, the duration increasing with the technical level.

Care center

Each season, you can obtain a care kit to treat an injured player.

REsearch center

the research center provides a major asset, called a booster kit (unofficially called a doping kit 💉)

legendary temple

Each season, all cards age by one year.
After a certain age, the card's stats stop increasing and start decreasing. Health also declines, and there is an increased risk of injury during matches.

To solve this problem, you can change your card to "veteran". Once your veteran is inside a building, he is able to boost its capabilities.

financials buildings


As your stadium grows, new buildings are created, which you can then upgrade.
As your stadium progresses, the number of spectators increases, generating more revenue.


Get a bonus of 1% of the match profit for each level


Secure your money by placing it in the bank via "staking", which will generate passive interest.

As the level of the bank increases, so does the percentage of passive income.


They contribute to satisfying your spectators, boosting attendance at your stadium and enhancing your club's reputation.

Foodtruck management : 

- Sourcing raw materials

- Balancing quality and cost

- Recruiting and managing staff

- Pricing and profitability

- Managing finances


GENERATE MORE revenues THROUGH the hotel by setting rates, offering attractive services, maintaining facilities, and developing OCCUPANCY AND RECEPTION CAPACITY strategies to attract and satisfy guests, all with a constant eye on profitability.

Shopping mall

The club store is an exclusive point of sale, promoting the sale of official club merchandise and contributing to revenue generation.

Billboards & Sponsors

Once your club is recognized you can negotiate a partnership and earn money to display advertising on the jerseys.